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First of its kind, FindMyJournal is a mathematical and objective software helping researchers select the most appropriate journal to publish their manuscripts in. Using FindMyJournal (patent pending), you will be able to shortlist 5 journals that are best matched to various publication criteria selected by you in a matter of seconds! FindMyJournal is a proprietary product of Crimson Interactive Inc.

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Finding a target journal to get your research published was never so easy. Just click on New Search and FindMyJournal will provide you with the most suitable journals!


To find the best matched journal for your manuscript, we have included over 29,000 journals in our database, covering more than 4000 research areas, with 100% coverage of SCI-indexed primary research journals.

Help and Support

Just fill the Support Form if you have any query; alternatively you can check our FAQ section to see whether your question is already answered.

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